Jordan Allard Review – Country Caboose Single

(Credit: Jordan Allard Official Facebook)

(Credit: Jordan Allard Official Facebook)

We hear so many country songs every single day. Not only the radio songs, but also the new artists that we scour through. In an industry heavily weighted down with songs about trucks, dirt roads, beer, torn jeans, and pop influences – it is nice to hear a fresh voice.

Jordan Allard has a rocking blues that shows in his debut single, “Country Caboose”  about a night on the town and finding some trouble with a girl you just cant resist.

The team listened to the track earlier today, which may have inspired some friday night festivities of their own…wink wink.

Here is what they thought of the single:

P- Looking for more insight on Jordan Allard. He really does has a unique voice, and sound. For a new artist there’s a bit of work that needs to be done vocally and with the music, but that experience comes with time and experience. Looking forward to the release of his full CD!

K- I agree with P. Definitely doesn’t sound like any other country artist. I liked the song a lot, but I felt like it was a bit rushed and he definitely can sing, but I wasn’t won over immediately. His images for the single photo are gorgeous! I would love to see him grow through performance and be a huge success!

B- (just got out of a stressful meeting – so already in an irritable mood. not the biggest country music fan to begin with) I don’t necessarily like country music, because most of the songs and singers sound the same. Jordan Allard as a new artist sounds great, and the song sounds very professionally done, but the delivery of it just didn’t catch my attention. The country market is over-saturated with songs that sounds the same, and I am looking for someone to really hit it out of the park. This song sounds like every other country song but not as good. I think vocal lessons, plus experience will make him a success.

Well, there you have it. Please keep in mind that our opinions are our own and you may or may not disagree.

Overall, the cumulative score for “Country Caboose” by Jordan Allard is a 3 of 5 stars.

To listen for yourself please go to iTunes


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