NEW Artist Spotlight – Diamond Dixie

Diamond Dixie (Credit: Diamond Dixie Official Website)

Diamond Dixie
(Credit: Diamond Dixie Official Website)

We love when new artists reach out to us for review or to share their music with us! Especially when it comes from two uber hotties like Diamond Dixie. Their smiles alone make us want to buy their music. But, like good reviewers, we will go and have a listen and do our research before we say much more.

These gorgeous teen sisters (yes, I said TEEN – so up and comers) play a slew of musical instruments : Banjo, Guitar, mandolin and learning the fiddle. One of them even dabbles with the ukulele! Talk about an original country music duo.

The duo regularly performs at shows in the Florida area. One look at their tour schedule, and you know they are in high demand. They perform several of their own songs they have written.

To learn more about Diamond Dixie – please visit their website at

And stay tuned for our upcoming review of their music!


One thought on “NEW Artist Spotlight – Diamond Dixie

  1. We saw them at Tayton O’ Brians in New Smyrna beach last summer. They were incredible and we were amazed at how they worked the much older crowd. Great show. Don’t miss them if you have a chance!

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