Music Review – NEW Country Artists Diamond Dixie

Diamond Dixie (Credit: Diamond Dixie Official Website)

Diamond Dixie
(Credit: Diamond Dixie Official Website)

Our latest review focuses on two sisters from Florida called “Diamond Dixie.” Not only are these girls super cute, but they are massively talented.

These gorgeous teen sisters (yes, I said TEEN – so up and comers) play a slew of musical instruments : Banjo, Guitar, mandolin and fiddle. One of them also plays the ukulele. This duo is an original country act with a lot of potential. Since they are still in the process of building up their name they do not have an EP or CD out as of yet. Their music consists of live recordings of their original songs. When we went back to listen to their website, the link is currently not working. However, their website address can be found here.

PB & K reviewed their music and here’s what we had to say.

P– Diamond Dixie has a traditional country sound. Since they are starting off I would encourage them to work on their delivery of the songs as they sounded a little rushed. In addition, they are beautiful in their harmony together but I feel it can be stronger. This could all be from the way the audio on their page sounds since it is recorded live and not in studio. I would love to hear their studio tracks. As for now, these talented ladies should keep writing and playing music because the world is your beach!

K- I definitely think these girls have a lot of potential. Not only do they look like they should be models, but I think from a marketing standpoint – sisters are huge. The girls are very talented, but they are just young and not as polished yet. I think that this comes with time and soon, very soon, they will be ready to make a big splash into the world of country music. I would encourage them to just keep performing, doing live shows and getting stronger. Nice job ladies!

B – I think these girls definitely sound traditional country, and they should continue working on their performances. They obviously seem to really love music and performing, and they should keep at it.

Please keep in mind that our opinions are just that, but we definitely think these girls are off to a great start! We would give them 3 stars out of 5 right now and thats just because of experience.


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