SPOTLIGHT & REVIEW of NEW artist John King Country

John King Country  (Credit: John King Country Official Website)

John King Country
(Credit: John King Country Official Website)

John King Band isn’t just another country western band that talks about trucks, tight jeans, dirt roads, and drinking beer. No, these guys have some great original songs. Sure, they do talk about tight jeans, and being a redneck, but their styles makes you want to listen. Each song on their EP is well written, catchy and proves they have what it takes to stand out and have a #1 with every track. Very rarely have we come across artists who can do this, including some of the Nationally known singers.

John King grew up in Georgia, in a small little mountain town. And, lately so many hot acts have been coming from Georgia. The song “Something in the water” even speaks about this new sensation of talent oozing from the state. But growing up, John’s musical tastes were formed early on by the southern rock sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and The Black Crowes. As country music took a huge leap forward in the 1990s, John found himself in awe of one of country music’s greatest entertainers, Garth Brooks.

Throughout high school John learned guitar and played in bands, most of which had early rock influences and sound. But, being a country boy at heart John was able to transform the sound of the band with his voice. And, he did just that. The John King Band is a perfect blend of country and rock, sort of outlaw-ish like Eric Church, but catchy at the same time. Nothing about their music is pop country.

So, what did we think of the EP by John King Band?

Review :

P- The John King Band pulls influence from southern rocks legends as Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and AC/DC just to name a few. This new artist already has “it.” It is when your sound and song are one. They are no doubt going to have an amazing career. Black River Entertainment signed John back in 2013 but his writing got their attention first. Paying his dues at the University of Georgia and in bands has got him ready. “Let your hair down” is such a great song! I love when you can see the imagery for the song play out in your head. I put his EP to the test and played it in my truck on the freeway and got a speeding ticket. So, I say it rocks! Look out for the John King Band on the road the early part of this year!

K- Wow, wow, wow! It’s not every day that I come across an EP that I love every single track, but the John King Band totally surprised me. “Let your hair down” is a great song that is full of rock and country sound, catchy lyrics and should be on the radio right now. “Huk’r shoes” is one that makes me smile and sing along at the same time. I must admit, I have a pair of huk’r shoes and every time I wear them now I probably am going to think of this song. John King Band has a great look, with his shaggy hair and rock country vibe, minus the bedazzled shirts and sleeveless shirts. I really think this band will go far. I can’t wait until their full CD is out.

B – I wasnt as blown away by P and K, but I was blown away for sure and I really don’t like country music. I should clarify, I don’t like pop country and what country music is today. I like the old country, when it was good and auto-tune didn’t exist. The John King Band is old country for me, with a bit of rock thrown in. I could see myself liking to listen to this in the car on repeat. So great job guys!

To read more about the John King Band and purchase their music – please visit their Official Website


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