SPOTLIGHT on Logan Glasscock – NEW country artist

Snapshot of Logan Glasscock from his YouTube channel

Snapshot of Logan Glasscock from his YouTube channel

The Cre8tive Reviews team switched it up this time and decided to review a guitarist. His name is Logan Glasscock. And before you get too hung up on his name, take just a second to listen to this 18 year olds Keith Urban guitar cover on YouTube. We had initially planned on reviewing his cover, but based on the fact that this is his ONLY material out there, it made it difficult for us to give an accurate review. We decided to spotlight him instead.

Based on what we see and hear, Logan is off to a great start. We would strongly suggest that he spend more time filming other songs, with the volume down so we can actually tell its him and not the computer playing. In addition, his website needs some work – but as we mentioned he’s 18. He still has a long way to go but is on a great track. The best advice we could give him at this point is to keep practicing, keep learning new songs and keep doing what he loves. He is young, but massively talented and once he gains more experience will be ready to do great things.

To find out more about Logan Glasscock you can visit him at :




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