NEW Country Artist Review – The Springs Band!

The Sprnigs Band publicity still (Credit The Springs Band Official Website)

The Sprnigs Band publicity still (Credit The Springs Band Official Website)

The Springs Band is all over twitter. In addition, they have a pretty hefty following of nearly 55 thousand fans. We first heard about this band a few months ago, and have finally gotten around to reviewing and listening to their music. One visit to their webpage, and you can see this band does a lot of shows and events. So, who are The Springs?

eNashville Recording artists The Springs, with their high energy Country/Southern Rock concerts, have entertained thousands of fans all over the U.S. thus far.  Not only has the DUO already appeared on several magazine covers, but this multi-award winning band was one of the nominees for the New Music Awards “Country Group of the Year”, along with bands Steel Magnolia, Sugarland, and Lady Antebellum.  What an honor considering these 2 young people are only 21 & 23 years old.  As an unsigned DUO from Alabama, many are saying that The Springs are the “Next Big Thing” in Country Music!

Together for over six years, The Springs have had seven radio releases thus far: three charted on the main Music Row top Country chart, with two of them making it to #5 and #6 on the main New Music Weekly Country chart; this helped get their first CD into the Walmart stores.  The bands first release, which Stewart wrote, spent 12 months on the CMA main Country top 100 chart in Europe.  As a crossover group, five of the DUO’s releases thus far have been #1’s on at least two of the three Inspirational Country charts in the U.S.

The Cre8tive Review team visited their Reverbnation Page, and listened to their music in addition to watching their videos. One of our regular reviewers, “B” as he likes to be called decided to sit this one out. Apparently, he needed a break from reviewing country for a bit. We are super excited to have a guest reviewer on board this time around. “C” is a recording artist from Nashville who was eager to help us out.

Here’s what the team had to say:

P- I was sitting in the park today listening to The Springs. This young duo has a simple sound that is a cross between Mark Wills and a very young Carrie Underwood. I listened to all of the tracks on Reverbnation, and found it hard to really hear The Springs original style. Nearly every song felt like a clone of Wills or Underwood, from the music arrangements to how they sang. I don’t feel like I really got a chance to hear how Holly and Stewart sound as themselves. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. The songs were okay. “Somethin Somethin” is like a cliché and the only song that really stood out and got my attention was “Don’t Tell Him” sung by Holly. I could see Carrie Underwood covering this song and having a huge hit. Remember with an opinion, you take what you need from it and it can help make you who you are. Please keep working and following your dreams! I think with a lot of work on finding and developing a unique style of their own, these two could go far.

K– I really wanted to sit out on this review. I am torn on The Springs Band. I like Holly’s sound, but I feel like the main reason I like her is because she sounds a lot like a young Carrie Underwood (think American Idol Days.) The way that she sings, even the style is very much Carrie. I love the quality and tone of her voice, but I think that she needs to develop her own style in her delivery. Otherwise, she is always going to get compared to Carrie, and that’s a tough comparison. I don’t think there is anyone out there who sounds like Carrie who is as good as her. Except for maybe Danielle Bradbery. As for Stewart…I don’t think he sounds like Aldean at all. I agree with P, he’s more of a Mark Wills sound. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the songs he sang and his delivery. The annunciation of every single word made me feel like I was watching an ex-broadway musical star turned country. I feel like he is lacking the soul, or rocker sound that his songs are trying for. The lyrics were average on most of the songs, but a standout for me was “Don’t Tell him” by Holly. I am not a fan of their photos, as I think when they market their shows as “high energy” their publicity photos are anything but. Holly is a beautiful girl, and in their regular photos with her hair down and smiling – she looks amazing! Do photos like that! I would also agree that these two sound so much like the other singers, that they need to really develop their own original style and sound. Overall, they are young and have potential but they need to stop comparing themselves to other singers and sounding like them, if they don’t want others to do the same. I would love to see them find their own success instead of basing their sound on other artists who are successful. Good Luck guys!

C- This weeks review is on The Springs Band. This young duo is a band touring out of Nashville currently trying to make an impact on a majorly competitive market. One click on their website, and the first thing that stands out is the very emotionless photo of the duo. I realize that the “serious” look may work in some circumstances but not here. I need to see signs of life, not
“I’m half asleep”. I really dig the logo they chose for the top of the page. It’s very old school which I am all about. The page is easy to navigate and find just what you are looking for which is nice. So, I make my way to the songs, which is really why we are here. I have said that “singin songs is easy, but moving people with your music is where it gets tricky”. Opening up the box is “Somethin somethin”. At first listen, I hear a good intro and a nice solid beat to dance to. Lyricly it goes right along with the “trendy pop country” that is cookie cutter Nashville these days. Going down the list of music I hear a taste of the 90’s country story telling that is lacking. Overall, I see a very young group struggling to find a style and sound that is their own. The lyrics in the songs are not quite strong enough yet to compete with current radio, but that comes with time and road doggin. Vocals for the duo seem to be very bland and lazy. I want to be moved by the sound. I want to believe what I hear and I could not find a track that brought that to me. This is another issue that is common in young acts as they learn to bring their sound. And finally their style.. I hate to say this because its blunt… but that’s me.. Just because you can buy it at the Buckle doesn’t make it cool… find someone who is a stylist and spend time learning how to put an outfit together..

Please remember that these opinions are our own, and not everyone may agree. Overall, we definitely tink The Springs Band has talent, we just want to see a little more of “their” talent and not them sounding like other artists.

You can visit The Spring Band and listen to their music at:








      With a sound like Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood blended with harmonies that can only come from a dynamic duo. The Springs live shows are a “high high energy” rocking good time for fans of all ages. Originally from Alabama, but now touring out of Nashville, ages 21 and 23, Holly and Stewart are having a major impact on today’s Country music youth scene.  
     This multi-award winning duo has already charted three releases on the main Music Row Country chart, while selling their CD’s out all over America. Get ready to hear the name The Springs for years to come! The Nashville Music Guide has stated that “There Has Never Been A Band(Duo) This Good This Young In Country Music”, ever!  

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