Frankie Ballard Rocks the House of Blues in San Diego

Frankie Ballard (credit: P Breski photography)

Frankie Ballard
(credit: P Breski photography)

It wasn’t Saturday night, and I didn’t have a six-pack – but this big star was most definitely shining on the small town world of what’s known as the House of Blues main stage in downtown San Diego. Let me start off by saying that I love shows here at this venue, because of the personal, and intimate vibe from this stage even though is standing room only. It was an all ages show, and from the minute it started I knew this was gonna an amazing show.

John from 97.3 Kson introduced the opening band, Brodie Stewart band was a rockin mix of country rock. The lead singer channeled his inner Jason Aldean with his sound, and wardrobe. The rest of the band seemed to enjoy the black rocker style (with designs on it) shirts that stayed open and showed off their man cleavage. The ladies loved it, and they sounded amazing! It was great that after their show they headed over to the merch table and spent the time to meet with their fans.

Before they were finished, Frankie held a meet and greet backstage with a handful of fans who were lucky enough to meet him. I was one of those people, in addition to one of Cre8tive Reviews other team members who was the photographer for the show. The main thing I noticed about Frankie is that not only is he just a beautifully put together man (good lookin) but his personality is equally as wonderful. He spent the time to make everyone feel comfortable, took photos with the fans, signed autographs and encouraged his younger fans to follow their dreams. Truly a class act.

His professionalism carried over to his performance onstage where he commanded the stage, and the attention of the audience from the minute he stepped out there. His songs were rocking, his vocals strong and his sense of humor showed through in a few of his remarks. When he spoke of where he was originally from and no one knew, he made it a point to mention that’s where Pop Tarts are made.

Frankie Ballard rocks the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego (credit: Paul Breski Photography)

Frankie Ballard rocks the House of Blues in Downtown San Diego
(credit: Paul Breski Photography)

After the show, what impressed me the most is that Frankie went to his merch table, and met with fans. He didn’t just meet with a handful of fans, but he literally had half to 3/4 of the entire crowd in line to meet him, take photos and get autographs and he stayed all the way through the end to make sure he met every single person. What a great guy, who genuinely cares about his fans, and his music. I definitely will see him again when he’s back in the Southern California area, and you should too – because country music needs more artists like this. So, thank you Frankie Ballard for an amazing show, and for making this one Helluva Night!

You can find more information about Frankie, and catch a show by visiting his Official website.


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