Meet the team behind Cre8tive Reviews!

Left to right

B is : Photographer published in Sports Illustrated while still in college.
Graphic Design artist who has done corporate presentations for large businesses. Clientele included Taco Bell, Paramount, Universal, UPN, and Skechers
AV (Audio Video) genius who designed and built a 3 camera TV stage and production facility. Designed and implemented 2 post productions studios. Designed and built numerous PA systems for events in convention centers and large hotel ballrooms as well as permanent installations from meeting halls to converted warehouses. His background is computer science engineering. Still builds custom PC gaming rigs, Hackintoshes, and servers.

K is: a published and professional writer of fiction, poetry, plays and lyrics. She has won National playwriting competitions for her work. She has written and directed plays, in addition to performing In several large-scale theater shows. She has experience acting for TV, and stage in addition to modeling for several large companies. She has a background in music as a self-taught pianist and comes from a musical family. Her father is guitarist and singer for a well-known surf band and her brother leads a reggae/ska band. She owned a spokesmodel and talent company for five years and was the director of a pageant for the city of Temecula for 6 years. She is also a speaker and presenter at various events.

P is: a professional photographer who started his craft at age 12. He has worked with some of the top teams in Nascar as a front tire carrier during the pit stops. He has had a career in media for over 10 years as a graphic designer and photographer. He has worked with several national country superstars in additions to legends like KISS, AC/DC, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. He spends his time in Northern California and shoots for various magazines, and companies. He is a veteran of the US Army.



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