An afternoon with Dan & Shay as they rock Hanford, Ca April 27th!

This last weekend in California boasted gorgeous weather, perfect for a concert series. Friday and Saturday presented a slight drizzle and dampened the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, but Country superstars Dan & Shay escaped the rainy weather after they finished performing and headed to Hanford, California on Sunday for their next stop. Local Radio station, Kjug 106.7 hosted a thank you concert, held outside, as a thank you show for everyone who donated to St. Jude’s and for the fans who came out to this free event.


Dan and Shay perform for a large crowd in Hanford California April 27, 2014. (Credit:P. Breski)

Dan & Shay were looking forward to playing for their central California fans, and were not only very personable but shared some great stories with the fans. Dan Smyers, who recently broke his left wrist in a car accident in Nashville the start of April, told his fans a story of how his cast came off when he went for a swim and the bag leaked while goofing off. His wrist was doing okay at the moment, but he had a feeling his doctor was going to be a little upset with him. But, after all, boys will be boys.


Shay Mooney (Foreground), half of country duo Dan & Shay puts some soul into his performance APril 27, 2014 at Hanford, Ca. (Credit: P Breski)

The guys played for about an hour total, and sounded even more impressive live. The audience was excited, on their feet and singing along. At one point the guys asked if they could play something they wrote called “Messed Up” to see if the audience would like it. By the second line of the song, the audience was hooked and loved it. Hopefully this song will be on their next project.
They even played a classic by Tom Petty, “Freefalling” and got the audience singing in unison with them. One of the things I love seeing live is when an artist, or artists enjoy themselves as much as the audience is. Towards the end of their impressive set, they played their certified GOLD debut single “19 you and me” and the crowd went crazy. It’s such a great song to sing along to, and really takes you back to that summer time love. Following this track was “Show you off” which is their second single and will impact country radio in May. Make sure if you love Dan and Shay that you support them by calling your local radio stations to request it!

Dan & Shay goofing off after their Hanford, Ca show April 27, 2014 (credit: P Breski)

Dan & Shay goofing off after their Hanford, Ca show April 27, 2014 (credit: P Breski)

To learn more about Kjug 106.7 you can find them here.

To support Dan and Shay, and purchase their music you can find them at the following links:

Official Website


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