HOT new Country Artist Spotlight on Nate Green!

We just recently heard about Nate Green this last week when one of our family members sent us over a text telling us to check him out on YouTube. We definitely were not disappointed. Green recently released his first single “Wild and Free” and uploaded the music video to YouTube. Nothing like a little robbery, money and half-naked bodies to keep your attention! Green is definitely contemporary country, and this song has got a catchy, upbeat vibe to it. Not to mention, Green has a megawatt smile, and a great look going for him with the ladies. I mean, have you seen his photos?! Check out the one below looking like he should be in some male modeling ad. His style is varied, much like his background.

Nate Green (Credit: Nate Green Official Webpage)

Nate Green
(Credit: Nate Green Official Webpage)

Nate Green’s Bio :

As the great Johnny Cash once sang, “I’ve been everywhere man!” Nate Green, a Kentucky born nomad is not only singing a similar tune, but living it. Having relocated from city to city more times than your average twenty-five year old and calling home anywhere his guitar is, the young singer-songwriter hunted all over for inspiration in creating his own style and was determined to not only make a name for himself in country music, but to leave a mark. Merging slick country lyrics with sharp sounding elements of pop, all while adding an edgy twang reminiscent of the Bakersfield sound, sets Green apart from, well…everyone. But the road to his artistry, like many before, hasn’t been an easy one.

“I’ve always had a different ear for music, but never really understood what I could do with it until I learned to write. Once I began writing, a friend told me if I wanted to make it, I’d better learn to play. So, I bought my first guitar for 100 dollars and taught myself to play… and that was just the beginning,” states the songwriter.

After honing his songwriting skills, Green packed up his things a week before finals his freshman year of college and made the pilgrimage to Nashville, diving head first into the waters of the country music industry. Living off basically nothing, he began acoustically performing around town to make rent and co-writing with several up-and-coming Nashville musicians and producers. Although he was slowly but surely making small waves in the industry, his writing style was dramatically different from his peers. When producers interested in working with him began pulling him in various directions trying to influence and redirect his style and sound, he realized he needed to be true to his self.

“There comes a time, especially in writing, when you have to separate yourself from everything you’re being told is cool to really figure out your own style. There was just something missing in the sound I wanted to introduce as my own. I grew up on traditional country, but I think my generation has an inner pulse and energy that pushes my writing to the next level, and I wanted to accurately and honestly translate that to my listeners in my own way.”

Seeing the Bakersfield movement as a trailblazer in creatively challenging the status quo to be inventively different, he took that state of mind and made another move to broaden his musical horizons.

“I learned very quickly if you want something bad enough, you have to completely devote yourself to it,” says Green. Landing in Miami, he began playing and writing, while bartending to pay the bills and finance his music endeavors. He then took off on foot, studying music all over the world and traveled to Germany, Switzerland, France, and Mexico, to work with new producers and writers who understood his vision. In fact, his debut single, Wild & Free was produced In Spain.

Making yet another jump, he temporarily settled into the New York music scene, learning new instruments and recording handfuls of demos. These demos helped him to land a few opening act gigs along the way, sharing stages with Little Big Town on their “A Place to Land” tour, Dierks Bentley, the Zac Brown Band, and Latin sensation’s Gloria Trevi at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.

“It took me a while to finally get it,” the BMI songwriter states about his music and sound, “but once I got it, I think I got it right. I’m more than excited for the real beginning! You go all over the thought spectrum deciding what you want to write about and you hear so many instruments all over the world. Then you try to imagine how you can bring them together. It took all of these places, experiences, and sounds to mold who I am as a person and what type of presentation I want to give my country music.”

Settling back in Nashville with an EP set to release in the upcoming months, Nate Green is now determined to make one final move, and that’s towards the top.

nategreen 1

To learn more about Nate Green you can visit his official website



You can check out the video for his single here  



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