New Country Artist EP Review – Leah Turner!

Leah Turner  (Credit: Leah Turner Official Webpage)

Leah Turner
(Credit: Leah Turner Official Webpage)

We have been hearing about Leah Turner for a little while now. It seems like every day someone we have talked to has mentioned her. Cre8tive reviews decided to finally take the hints these folks were dropping and listen for ourselves. We went straight to the source and visited Turners webpage, which is well put together and easy to navigate. Sure, there were a lot of photos of this gorgeous girl on there, but we wanted to learn more about her first, even before listening to her EP.

Her Bio begins with “Leah Turner has a ready laugh that conveys all the joy and adventure she finds in life, and a voice with the power and grit to personify its ups and downs. The combination makes her one of country’s most compelling new artists, someone with the talent and personality to own any stage–or studio–she walks onto. It’s earned her a spot on Brad Paisley’s 2014 tour and made her debut single, her co-penned track with Cary Barlowe and Jesse Frasure, “Take the Keys,” a Top 40 hit at country radio.

Leah’s distinctive voice and fiery personality make her unlike anyone on the current scene, and both are outgrowths of a life journey that could have led nowhere but Nashville. It began on the ranch where she grew up, the daughter of a rodeo champion, in California’s Morongo Valley.”

As it continued, we knew that we had found a great new artist, that was full of rich musical history, a unique voice and couldn’t wait to head over to iTunes to listen to her newly released EP on Columbia Nashville.

For this interview, we decided to bring in another guest reviewer to join P and K. He is a former rock and roller, but heavy hitting country artist who plays over 100 shows a year all over the U.S. and in other countries. He was featured on a CMT reality show in 2007 and is a very talented writer. A special thanks to our guest reviewer “R” for helping us out on this one!

Here’s what the team thought about Turners EP:

R -Leah has a good country look. Being from the LA area, I am not convinced she is a die-hard country singer. She may have been pointed in that direction as an avenue for her music, because pop is so saturated where she’s from. Jessica Simpson tried this a few years back and failed. It doesn’t hurt than she is touring this year with Brad Paisley, who consistently takes traditional country and modernizes it.

The way her new single “Pull me back” is produced is very pop with not much country influence to her sound. That kind of sound can be pulled off by Taylor Swift, because she’s got 3+ albums under her belt. Leah’s first single “Take the keys” was right on the money for the new country sound that would garner two thumbs up with traditional country fans. It became a top 40 hit.

Her voice is great. It sounds incredibly mature for someone her age. It’s as if she lived a long life before hitting the music scene. That, or she spent her early years smoking cigarettes for breakfast. Either way, the result is a solid/full vocal.

Regardless, she has the right team behind her, and the talent (singing & writing) to back it up, so she deserves the success that will be coming her way in 2014. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. When the opportunity came, she was all over it like a fat kid on a twix bar.

P– Leah Tuner is a California girl with a country spirit and that California feeling in her music. With strong vocals and writing Leah is set to go far in today’s music. All of her songs seem to be around cars, driving and loving/leaving. I feel Leah has a great start to a very long music career. She is a great song writer in her own right and voice is just unique enough to stand out from all the rest.

My Finger – Is a real upbeat sound of a Gretchen Wilson & the fun of a Laura Bell Bundy vibe to it. I can just imagine the video for this song and how much fun it would be to make. It would be very cool to see a collaborate with them….
Take The Keys – Is a great anytime song that make me want to grab a girl and drive my Mustang to somewhere, see what happen when we get there…Yes I’m your Steve McQueen!
Pull Me Back – Is emotionally charged with raw feeling of what we all go though in a relationship.. Reminds me of a “Pink”, it would be a great cross over single..
Bless My Heart – Love the sound of the Banjo in this song. I can imagine small town in the south at a little white church with flashback to the all the wild things we did last Friday night… while the choir singing on a Sunday morning! I really enjoy this song, when you can see the video in your mine, that makes a great song for me!
Beat Up Bronco – Reminds me of that First Car First Girlfriend/Boyfriend feeling & The hope of lasting forever feeling.
K- I love that Leah is a California girl, being that I was born and raised there. I also love that she was born near Morongo, and has made some history for herself, because out that way there isn’t a whole lot to do. Trust me, I have been there. So, basically that sort of made me a mini fan to start off with. Now on to her look. I think that Leah has a great look going for her. She reminds me of a mix between Miranda Lambert, Lauren Alaina, Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood. I know, it’s a strange mix. Oh wait, and Jewel! Dammit, just when I thought I was done. She’s a little bit rock, a little bit country, a little bit pop and a whole lotta talented.
I don’t think I have heard another female singer lately that sounds anything like Turner. She has amazing vocals, even if the songs are a little more “pop” influenced than I like, but her tone and quality of her voice is original, and one that when she is on the radio debuting a new song you will know exactly who it is. No one sounds like she does.
Take the keys” is a great, catchy song and the video is equally as cute. I loved the couple interaction that aided to the playful side of the song. The entire EP was great, and I definitely can see Turner being at the start of an amazingly long singing career. “My finger” was a great, really upbeat song that I agree with “P” on about collaborating with Laura Bell Bundy on. I have to admit, the immature side of me couldn’t even read the title though without wanting to put the word “pull” in front of it. With that being said, there was nothing immature about the song, this EP or Turner. She is unique, and well on her way!
To read more about Leah Turner or to purchase her music and support her – please find her at the following links, or her official website.




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