Cre8tive Reviews Interviews John King at JUGFEST 14! Audio

If you have been to our blog before, or visited our twitter, you have heard us mention an amazing new singer named John King. We first heard about John after the release of his EP, titled “Something in the water” from Black River Entertainment in 2013. Every song on this EP is well written, catchy and lyrically awesome. We have become supporters and fans from the start.


So, imagine our delight when we found out about Jugfest and saw that John King was going to be there. And just like we thought, the John King band didn’t disappoint. The crowd loved the entire set, and especially loved the catchy track “Huk’r Shoes” which King even warned the crowd was catchy and would stick in their heads all day. One of his fans on Facebook made that comment later that day when she posted online “Thank you, it was a great show. You were correct, Huk’r Shoes was stuck in our heads the rest of the night!”

John King Band at Jugfest 14

John King Band at Jugfest 14

Before his set, John King spent time meeting fans and signing autographs. Often, this part of a concert is what fans remember most. It’s always great to see the artists reach out to their fans and spend time chatting with them. Based on the feedback online from those fans, they not only enjoyed Johns personality but his performance as well.


John is currently promoting the single “Tonight Tonight,” a catchy soon to be hit that got the audience singing along. We can’t wait to hear this single climb the charts and for this hard-working singer from Georgia to get the accolades he deserves. His band members are equally as talented and the combination of their harmonies, vocals, energy and musical talent is a force to be reckoned with.


We had a chance to catch up with John King and ask him a few questions about the show.

To learn more about the John King Band and support his music please visit his website.


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