Steel Drums and Gattling Guns – June 7th Queen Mary Harbor

Cre8tive Reviews spent June 7, 2014 hanging out at the Queen Mary Harbor where we discussed our upcoming events. The Ink and Iron Festival was going on (at $40+ a ticket) on the Queen Mary itself, but across the way in the harbor we found a great little event rich in history.

The event was called Steel Drums and Gattling Guns, and apparently this is a yearly event.

Where: Shoreline Village, Long Beach

Time: Noon to 6pm

What: Civil war soldiers in full uniform march through the entire village (in the heat), perform the manual of arms drill, the bayonet drill, stack arms, picket exchange, public dress up photos, and political debates. In addition, there are interactions with the soldiers such as food and hard tack, uniforms, equipment, camp life and more.

The ladies make their presence all decked out in traditional dress, complete with bonnets and teach the public all about tea. The tea activities include taking tea, lessons on the language of the fan, calling cards, Victorian manners, what ladies wore and parlor games.

Here are some of the photos we took at the event:

Civil War Soldiers

To find out information on next years event, please visit the website for Shoreline Village.



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