Dustin Lynch rocks the Tin Roof Downtown San Diego – June 15th!


Dustin Lynch on stage at the Tin Roof San Diego

Dustin Lynch on stage at the Tin Roof San Diego


Father’s Day weekend just got a little sweeter when country superstar Dustin Lynch took the stage at The Tin Roof in downtown San Diego. This free show promised to be an amazing up close and personal event for fans, as they were able to stand front row at the stage and meet him after the show for autographs and photos. The show kicked off at 8:30, versus the advertised 8pm. The Tin Roof crowd energetically anticipated the concert, and even began chanting Dustins name. Once he took the stage, he didn’t disappoint and started off with his high energy song “Tractor.” The ladies in the front row could barely contain their excitement as he jumped onto the light boxes in the front corners of the stage, and moved his hips while he performed.

Dustin Lynch

Total Lynch sang 18 songs, some of which were his and some were from legends like Garth Brooks, Weezer, Travis Tritt, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and a few more. At one point in the show Lynch even commented how this particular show was going to be a little bit different and they would be singing it like their spring break shows. Complete with drinking games, and songs to encourage the ladies to shake it, and slowly at times, Dustin Lynch proved that he was able to keep the audience entertained and excited the entire time. During the drinking portion, he encouraged the crowd to raise their glasses, noticed the drinks everyone was holding up, gave a shout out to the awesome American Flag gloves koozies people wore, and then followed the song off with his famous bicep chug. He even called out a girl outside of the restaurant, behind the stage, to finish her drink and chanted “chug” repeatedly until she finished it with a big smile.


Some of the highlights from the show included Dustin’s Garth Brooks tribute songs like “Rodeo” and “Friends in Low Places” which got the crowd singing along even louder than the band. Jello shots got passed around throughout the bar as waiters and waitresses circled the space making sure everyone had something to eat, or a drink in hand. I must say the wait staff was excellent! They even brought a large tray of shots onstage for Dustin to pass out to the crowd since it was his drummers birthday. He passed some gently to the front row and then tossed the jello shooters out to the crowd. Following this, he tossed out at least 20 shirts to his happy fans. Girls in the front row couldn’t pass up their chance at merchandise and some of them got a little over zealous and starting pushing each other. Security had to intervene a few times, and once even Dustin called them out by saying that there “isnt a first in line or a second in line, all of us are just here to have a good time so chill out.” The girls seemed to mellow down a little after that until it was time for him to sign autographs. At the end of the show, Dustin graciously stayed for about an hour on the stage taking selfies with, and signing autographs for everyone who waited at the stage. It was an amazing concert and a great way to spend a sunday evening.


The one piece of advice we would give to The Tin Roof San Diego is to have a little bit more of a security rope in place for the fans at the front of the stage. Although the ladies were somewhat respectful to Dustin, they seemed to instigate a little bit of rowdiness with each other to make sure they were the one he was singing “Cowboys and Angels” to. The other thing I would definitely change is to color EACH of the stairs to the different levels with the red paint. We were sober, and can’t tell you how many times we almost face planted it. I could see patrons stumbling terribly over the stairs. Other than that, the venue was intimate, yet spacious with great views and sound all around.

Thank you to Dustin Lynch and his rockin’ band, and The Tin Roof San Diego for an amazing show!


To find out more about Dustin Lynch please visit his website.

To visit the amazing Tin Roof in San Diego, please visit their website.


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