Cre8tive Reviews spotlights & reviews pianist John Burke

We love music. Let’s just start by getting that out there. We pretty much love all kinds of music. Well, except Blu who really isn’t a country music fan. But, he is a musician as well who’s talents lie with the piano and classical guitar. So, imagine his excitement when we stumbled across John Burke, a super talented pianist from Atlanta, Georgia. It seems like Georgia keeps putting out more and more talent lately. To quote lyrics from the amazing John King Band, (also from Georgia) “There must be something in the water down there” yeah, yeah.

So who is John Burke?

Pianist John Burke

John Burke is a young yet accomplished pianist from Atlanta, GA, who has achieved international success with his solo piano recordings, Synesthesia and Reverie. John’s musically eclectic background has paved the way for his unique style, which carries roots in jazz, new age, classical, and blues.

 In 2011, John released Synesthesia after being heavily influenced by the music of pianist George Winston and The Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek. In just a few weeks, Synesthesia was aired on radio stations around the world, featured on films and documentaries, and even cited in a Ph.D. dissertation.


 In 2013, John released Reverie at a solo concert in Atlanta. Just later that year, Reverie was nominated for Jazz Album of the Year as well as Overall Album of the Year by Matthew Mayer at In addition to the album’s nominations, Reverie was personally praised by George Winston, a gesture that has deeply motivated John to continue writing.

Reverie album art

 John is a native of Atlanta, GA, where he studied Spanish and music at Oglethorpe University. He began his musical career as a keyboardist for a blues and southern rock band, Vinyl, which has now become the John King Band, a popular country band in Nashville, TN. After college, John began writing original music as well as teaching musical workshops in Atlanta. John has performed as an accompanist for choirs and soloists across the state, composed the score for a feature-length independent film titled Juvenile Transgressions, performed at popular venues including the Georgian Terrace Hotel and Red Door Playhouse, and directed jazz ensembles. John plays jazz and Broadway music in various Atlanta restaurants and venues, and he performs at weddings and events all over the southeast. He plans to release his third solo album in late 2014.


So what did the team think?

Ladies first tonight.

K- Eeeeek! Just when I needed some amazingness to come my way, here comes John Burke and his talented fingers. I know that sounds bad, and I don’t even care because that’s how excited I am about his music. Having played piano since a child, I appreciate and understand the talent that it takes to be able to play a song well, and to compose one. That’s primarily why I stick to writing music blogs now, and play as a hobby. John Burke has successfully nailed every aspect of what I would call expertise on the ivories. Definitely has a George Winston-ish vibe, but done so uniquely his own way instead. I love that all the names of the songs on Synesthesia are colors, and I’m really torn between Violet and Cobalt being my favorites. On Reverie, there are so many great ones as well. “Escape” is a fast paced tune that really showcases his ability to play. I really am in love with “Head in the clouds.” The beginning reminds me of a show tune from the golden era and then drifts into this soft, gorgeous, flowing bit of loveliness. I could listen to this all the time. Hell, as I’m typing this I am listening to it and drinking some red wine. I could also really see this being played at my spa as well, as clients are transported into blissful euphoria during a massage or skincare treatment. Oh yes, John Burke is amazing. Even his photos are great, from his glasses and purple bow tie to his bare feet with the piano in the background. He and his music, simply put…are beautiful.

P– I’m a fan of this style of music and the  piano. When we got the chance to review John Burke I knew that we were in for an amazing journey of music. As I listen to John play I can hear a George Winston influence in his music, but John still makes it he’s own. Very moving, relaxing but powerful.  John plays with such power and passion that ignites your soul. Here’s my thoughts of a couple of my favorite songs that you can hear on his sound cloud page. “Escape”- You are taken away for this time, place, and in your minds eye you go to a time of renaissance. “Cobalt” has a very romantic feel to it. I imagine being caught out in the rain, dancing with a loved one. I’m looking for great music from John down the road.

B- Superb. Exquisite. Captivating. Moving. Fluid Perfection. Those are just some of the words I would use to describe the talented music of John Burke. I love that his musical influences were that of George Winston, which you can hear a little of in his works and The Doors. Talk about a wide span of genres. The beauty in that is that his music showcases that. He isn’t just your relaxing piano man at your local five-star hotel wine bar, oh no, he is so much more than that. He is a wonderful performer, talented musician, and killer pianist who deserves the accolades and praise he has gotten thus far. Now, I’m wondering if he can also sing? If so, watch out world.
To learn more about John Burke and listen to his music please visit him on the following sites:
1. Main website —
2. Facebook page —

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