Scotty McCreery rocks Hanford for 106.7 KJUG’s Summer Concert Series!

106.7 KJUG kicked off their Summer Concert Series with the first of three free shows in Hanford Civic Park, in Hanford Ca.  American Idol winner  Scotty McCreery sang his heart out to the crowd.  His fans were very excited to come to the show from all over the state to Hanford Civic Park. Some fans even put their chairs out as early as 6am so they had the best seat in the house.
We got to meet up with Scotty before the show, and  talked about the experience he had on American Idol.  He said it was definitely an interesting start on Idol, and as the weeks went by he wanted to sing his style of music but Idol wasn’t sure if it was the right for the show. Well, we definitely think it was the right fit for Scotty and his fans from Idol agree and voted him all the way to the win!
We looked out to see all of his 8,000 fans that came to support his music. When he took the stage he did not disappoint them. He started rock’n some classic songs and then some from his current CD “See You Tonight” like “Carolina Eyes”, “The Dash”, “Forget To Forget You” and” Get Gone With Out You.”  These were some of the songs that were a great surprise and his fans enjoyed hearing.
The show was acoustic and it showcased his voice and the magic that makes Scotty a great singer with captivating charm. We are looking forward to many great songs by Scotty McCreery down the road.
To learn more about Scotty and his music, please visit his Official Website.

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