Rory Gardiner releases new original country music children’s CD “Yee Haw”

Photo of Rory Gardiner  (Credit: Rory Gardiner Official Website)

Photo of Rory Gardiner
(Credit: Rory Gardiner Official Website)

Rory Gardiner isn’t just your typical good lookin’ country singer. No, he is a published author, successful country singer, reality tv star and has just released a children’s album with 12 new original country songs. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

But, who is Rory Gardiner? You might remember our feature, and reviews on both his CD’s and live show that we posted earlier in the year. We have been following his success on twitter and are eager to see this new-found attention he will garner from his newest venture.

Rory has been a song writer for as long as he can remember, but now calling it a career is something that he could only dream of.

He has seen the success of his compositions published and performed by other artists, as well as songs licensed and synched in TV advertisements airing daily throughout Canada and the United States.
Country music became a full-time commitment in 2007, after appearing on a CMT nationally broadcasted reality show with other singers from around the country. This spun into a guest appearance on the CMT the Top 20 countdown with Casey Clarke the following year.

In 2009 Rory released his debut full length country album titled “Break Free”, co-produced with JR Vautour in Nashville, TN. Three tracks were released nationally to country radio, and Rory hit the road on a national radio tour, opening for a number of great acts, including Doc Walkers and Aaron Pritchett. Later that year joining the roster playing the Ottawa Country Music Hall of Fame with Charlie Major.

In 2013 Rory released a new single “On My Way” to Country Radio, co-written with Canadian hit maker Tim Hicks. The song got picked up as the theme song for WildTV’s Season 3 Fall Brawl show.

We asked Rory where he got the inspiration for the creation of this album. As a parent, he noted that his kid doesn’t always want to hear “Twinkle Little Stars.” His son is a fan of country music as well, but some of the music isn’t always age appropriate. So, since country music is what Rory does best, he decided to write a children’s album that was.

Rory Gardiner CD "Yee Haw" (Credit: Rory Gardiner Official Webpage)

Rory Gardiner CD “Yee Haw” (Credit: Rory Gardiner Official Webpage)

“Yee Haw” boasts 12 all original country tracks geared toward children, with one special bonus track for the parents, more specifically new parents. There is also a video on the website to go along with the song.

The Cre8tive Reviews team was lucky enough to get our hands on all 12 tracks of “Yee Haw” and here’s what we think:

K- Rory is a genius. Let’s just get that out-of-the-way. He is extremely talented. Between country music, being a father, publishing books, touring and now finishing this album I wonder where he has the time to do anything, let alone be creative. But, creative he is and the result is a fun, energetic,and unique country album children (and their parents) will surely love. As a mom, I appreciate the fact that the songs are not annoying, they aren’t lyrics on repeat after repeat and they are fun. Even though my son is older than toddler stage, we still enjoyed listening to it together. My personal favorite on the CD is “Baby Steps,” a song geared toward the parents versus the children. This song captures the feelings, moments and excitement of new parenthood perfectly. I have to admit, it’s definitely one that brought tears to my eyes because my son isn’t that little anymore. “Starts with A, Ends with Z”  is a unique take on a classic song that will help your children not only learn, but sing along. I am especially impressed with Rory’s fun side on The “Sing a little higher” song, where each verse, even though it is repeated, s a little higher each time.”I like it, I love it,” is Rory’s catchy version of Tim McGraw’s hit except about ketchup. And really, who doesn’t love ketchup? Rory  has successfully carved out a great little niche for himself. I definitely see this being a huge success for him, not to mention all of the moms out there who are going to go gaga over his dimples and smile.

P- I thinks kids would like Rory Gardiner’s “Yee-Haw.” It would be good for some play time activities at a pre-school or home, and certain parts would make for fun sing along activities. The single “Yee-Haw” is good but not sure if a crying baby is the best beginning of this song. I like the alphabet song, it’s catchy and sure to be a kids favorite. I applaud Rory for venturing in to the kids market. It kinda reminds me of an early episode of something I would hear on Sesame Street when I was a kid mixed with the goofiness and fun attitude of Adam Sandler, but a clean version.  I hope that parents would give this a listen. Its fun and entertainment for kids and it would make learning activities a little bit more fun. Cant wait to hear more from Rory down the road!

To learn more about Rory Gardiner, please visit his Official Website

To purchase “Yee Haw” or give it a listen, please visit ITunes

And please take a look and share the video for “Baby Steps.”


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