Cre8tive Reviews Interviews Singer/Songwriter Greg Woodcook!

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing singer and songwriter Greg Woodcook as he visited the area. Team member Paul Breski was able to sit down with Greg and do an interview with him.

Paul: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us and interview with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Greg: Well, I’ve got 52 years of information to talk about so hopefully you guys have some time. Just a singer and songwriter, started out mainly in rock and roll years ago and worked my way into country. Getting into songwriting now and trying to find the right collaborator to work with on the country scene.

Paul: Very cool. Is there anyone notable in your early days that might stand out that you played with?

Greg: There could be if you’ve ever heard of Andy Hilfiger. He designs a lot of clothes for a lot of the rock stars, along with his brother Tommy. I played in bands with Andy in the 80s actually.

Paul: Nice, the good decade. (Laughing)

Greg: Yes, from what I can remember

Paul: Yeah, both of us. So as your career progressed, what are you up to today?

Greg: Basically making contacts with other artists and learning from them in Nashville and see how they are going about things. Trying to meet up with other songwriters as well to learn the ins and outs to break into that business. Whatever takes off, I’ll always sing. I don’t necessarily need to be on stage. If I’m on stage that’s great, if I’m behind the stage and writing that’s great too. I can’t be too picky at my age. (Laughing)

Paul: Have you played shows on lower Broadway or any of the stuff down there?

Greg: I have not played there, or since the 80’s actually. I am basically starting all over.

Paul: Taking a little time off? (Laughing)

Greg: Yeah but trying to start again

Paul: How do you feel about the direction of country music today?

Greg: Some of the direction of music today is okay, its fine, and I mean music is going to change. It’s always changed and grown, that’s what it’s all about. But I still like the feel of old country, and somehow I would like to blend that sound into a new sound so I have the best of both worlds. I like both styles and I would hate to see that old style get lost.

Paul: It had a good feel of the old days in it for sure, even before Garth. Obviously you play guitar, do you play more instruments besides that?

Greg: Actually, I used to play keyboards, years ago and then stopped playing that and went just to singing. Now I play guitar and can probably hold my own, in a crowd of drunk people maybe. (Laughing)

Paul: So do you live in Nashville?

Greg: I live in Pine City New York actually.

Paul: And so you travel back and forth?

Greg:: I travel back and forth, yes and to Nashville occasionally.

Paul: Can you tell us something that your fans might not really know about you?

Greg: (Laughing) Do I have fans?

Paul: Well, of course (Laughing)

Greg:: I asked for 10 followers back in January actually on Twitter, that’s all I wanted. So now I’m up to a hundred and some.

Paul: (Laughing) We are going to get you over the hump of 200 today.

Greg: Aright that works. Wait what was that original question about my fans again?

Paul: Is there like an interesting tidbit or favorite food or place you have to go to?

Greg: Oh, I definitely gotta have a steak. Nothing like that, or a Texas roadhouse. I always gotta hunt one down.

Paul: Nice! Well, you do have side work that’s very cool and interesting. Does that sometimes influence your writing?

Greg: It might in a way, but might not in another way. Mostly what I do is technical writing for engineers. So, if you wanted me to write a song about taking a machine apart and putting it back together I could do that. (Laughing)

Paul:(Laughing) maybe mix fireball into the lyrics somehow and it’d probably be a big hit.

Greg: (Laughing) So, there’s a possibility.

Paul:: Where do you see yourself in five years with your music writing?

Greg: In five years, I want to see my musical career and writing be the front runner to my contract engineering business.

Paul: There you go. Who are some of your musical influences growing up?

Greg: (Laughing) I knew you were gonna ask that. That’s a terrible question. You know who I’m gonna leave out, and then they are gonna unfriend me if I don’t remember them all. So, I’ll just say yes.

Paul: Yes, is a good band. (Laughing)

Greg:: I actually could say Yes, and Boston and Foreigner and all of them. Plus some of the legendary country folks like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Jones and many others. Plus some of the new artists that you and the others dot even know yet that are new and who are excellent artists. Such as The Springs and Levi Riggs and others there too, don’t stop following me if I forgot to name you. And as far as the newest artists, Tim McGraw, Neal McCoy, Terri Clark, Jamie O’Neal as far as the girls go. There are so many, and I could go on and on.

Paul: Great melting pot or artists and sounds. If you could open for someone, who would you like to open for?

Greg: That’s a tough one, but Willie Nelson probably.

Paul:: Or if you were to headline, who would you want to open for you or collaborate with?

Greg: That’s tough. I would probably go back to some of the ones that are further in their career then I am now, like the Levi Riggs and others that I am friends with.

Paul: I’ve seen on YouTube where you sang “Georgia on my mind” at Lonnie’s Western Room in Nashville.

Greg: Yeah, that was my first singing experience in Nashville. One of my favorite songs from Ray Charles, and I think one of the only videos with a sample of my singing that’s out there.

Paul: And it looks like Lonnie’s is very interesting inside, with all those cases of beer behind you.

Greg: (laughing) Yeah, those aren’t mine.

Paul: I was just checking because there’s a lot of cases behind you.

Greg: Mine were hidden behind the bar and my shots were next door.

Paul: I was gonna say maybe you were singing for cases of beer for tips or something like that. Looks like you had a great time, and it was a really good cover and we really enjoyed it.

Greg: Well, thank you very much.

Paul: Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with us. We wish you the best of luck in your music career and would love to see you perform sometime when we are in Nashville.

To follow Greg on Twitter – please visit his Official Twitter Page


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