Katie’s Korner – a weekly spotlight of new artists on Social Media

Welcome to Katie’s Korner!
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Each week I will be showcasing a new talent that I have found on various social media outlets such as Vine, YouTube, Twitter and more! These artists will be unsigned and new to the music scene. Their talent is raw and real, and they deserve to get noticed with the hard work they are putting in to become something.

This week I am proud to showcase Sean Stemaly.

I came across Sean on Vine where he randomly posts videos of some of his songs. He mostly does covers, but he has also performed on stage, for church and youth groups. His favorite song at the moment is “Let The Moon Shine” by Luke Combs. If he could do a dream duet it would be with his hero George Strait, and he started officially singing at age 19. Prior to that he was just a car and shower singer. His biggest inspiration is his buddy Shelby Hiser who was in a serious car accident a few years ago and is now a quadriplegic but doesn’t let it hold him back and stays strong in his faith.

Here are a few links to some of his stand out vine videos:



You can find more info about Sean on the following links:








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