Katie’s Korner – Spotlight on Jesse Charette!

 Every so often I stumble upon a talented guy or girl on YouTube, Vine or other social media outlets. Most of these talented people are just singing because they love it, or they want to start their musical career but are in the early stages. This installment will focus on Jesse Charette.
Jesse Charette isn’t just your normal 18 year old from Georgia, he is very musically talented. He started singing at the age of 3 with his mom in the car. Jesse’s inspirations are his father and Brantley Gilbert. He started playing guitar at just age 8, and hopes to be pursuing his passion in music and possibly living the dream in five years. When it comes to his favorite song, Jesse doesn’t have one. He says it all depends on his mood, and that it ranges from Rascal Flatts to Trace Atkins. Jesse says he wants to do whatever he needs to for people to hear his voice. He has videos on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook.

To support Jesse and his music please find him at the following links:








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