John Burke delivers another impressive masterpiece with “Chirality”

141108JohnBurkeAlbumRelease-24Cre8tive Reviews had the pleasure of being introduced to an amazing pianist awhile back by the name of John Burke. We were fortunate enough to listen to and review his first two CD’s “Reverie” and “Synesthesia,” which were absolutely amazing. There is something to be said about a musician who is able to create such masterpieces with just his hands and the piano keys.
We recently found out that John has released a third album into his collection and one that promises to be equally as stunning, if not more stunning than the last two based on the description. “Chirality,” as it’s titled, promises to
stun not only melodically, but also emotionally. When we asked John to describe the meaning of the title of this CD and to describe it, we were even more excited.
“Now here’s a little explanation of the album: “chirality” is a property of asymmetry, often used in chemistry, that describes an object whose mirrored reflection is nonidentical. For example, your hands are chiral because they are mirrored images of each other, yet if you were to try and stack them together (palms facing down), they would not align. In this new album, I embellish chirality by playing melodies and their mirrored counterparts (something that Johann Sebastian Bach used to do!). It’s as if someone put a mirror in between my hands. The two melodies not only LOOK different — they SOUND different, and they evoke different emotions. In chemistry, when two molecules are chiral, they look AND function differently. So when you listen to each piece, listen for the melody as well as its mirrored counterpart.” – John Burke
One of our reviewers, Kimberley, is also a licensed Esthetician who specializes in medical esthetics. The beauty behind this is that she has taken so many courses on chemistry and skin care products and was already familiar with the term. Add that to the fact that she also plays piano, and well, you can guess she was one very excited reviewer. Let’s take a look and see what the entire team thought of John’s new CD.
Kimberley – Yes! As if John couldn’t already be amazing enough, he puts out this CD. “Chirality” is a brilliant masterpiece of carefully though out melodies that invoke not only emotion, but intellectual thought. I laughed because our third team member Blu even joked that he was more intelligent after listening to it. (Side note: Speaking of Blu, he really wanted to review this as he loved the last two but he has been so busy with work that we got tired of waiting for his review, so perhaps later he will add-on to this one.) At any rate, I absolutely loved this CD. Some of my personal faves were Orbits, which was just a moving, beautiful and timeless piece at the beginning that reminded me of sitting on my couch inside of a cabin in the mountains, glancing out at the snow falling with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. It seriously was that peaceful and beautiful, and then it slowly picked up to make you feel that beauty in the melody. And Beyond was another standout favorite. How John can play the piano that fast in some spots and then return to that soft, lingering melody is impressive. He truly has magic in his hands. It was such a great experience to listen to the entire CD just to hear the tracks and then to listen again, and again to hear the other components of the melody and how they mirror each other.
PaulAs I sat in my local coffee shop and listen to John Burke’s  new  CD “Chirality ” its a nice little break from all the Christmas music. John has the ability to capture the soul of the piano with his power and command of the keys. I really enjoyed this CD over all, but parts were somewhat the same sounding for me, but not in a bad way. Maybe its the mirroring effect of sound that’s what im hearing. In Snowstill I can feel George Winton influences as John play’s this song.  Slipstream, I could see the video for this is from a bird’s eye view and/or a sailplane or hang glider and/or a hot air balloon. Orbits, I enjoy how John gives you that feeling of movement in this song and that’s something you can’t teach.  Chirality, both the song and title track have a very timeless feel. Overall, a great addition to John’s already impressive collection.
To learn more about John and this amazing CD, please visit his website to purchase.

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