New Katie’s Korner Spotlight on Alyssa Walker – 15 years old & amazing!


When someone is meant to be involved with music it just flows through their soul. Take for instance our spotlight this week – 15-year-old Alyssa Walker, who is a sophomore at a highschool in sunny San Diego. She currently has a 3.8 GPA and plays competitive and high school soccer, and is in the school choir. Most importantly, she’s a musician and a talented one at that.

Take for example her latest song project on YouTube entitled “Break the wall” (added below.) Not only did this talented girl compose the music, she wrote the lyrics and is accompanying herself on the guitar and piano. In order, she recorded her guitar first, then added the lyrics and then finally added the piano. The song itself is great, with a wonderful message and her vocals show maturity for her age with a richness and almost ethereal quality to them. We could definitely see a bright and big future for this girl. She has composed over 20 songs in the past few years and there is no stopping her in the future. All she needs is to grow and have someone really back her who knows how to mold a new artist, a website and some music links (iTunes, reverbnation, etc.)

Take a listen for yourself! If you would like more information on Alyssa or would like to contact her, please send us an email and we will forward your information over to her.





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