Katie’s Korner – Spotlight on Braeden Counts

Katie’s Korner showcases primarily new talent. Talent that is unsigned, undiscovered and raw. We search through facebook, vine, YouTube and submissions for tips on some hot new singers out there. This week, we have stumbled upon Braeden Counts who recently covered Florida Georgia Lines “Anything Goes” and posted it on twitter, with awesome feedback from the guys! Check out his twitter page and post.


Braeden is from Sutherlin, Oregon – a town that hasn’t changed much over the years and one where everyone knows everyone. Even his mom went to the same high school. An accomplished athlete in high school, Braeden soon realized after graduation that he had other talents to be proud of. He picked up the guitar, started teaching himself to play and ended up writing songs. He is currently working with a vocal coach. We had the pleasure of listening to his first song “Shot of You” via YouTube and we have to say we love it! It’s still a work in progress, but this guy definitely has some talent!

Check out his original song below on YouTube and support his journey. We are hoping to see very big things from him in the future.

You can also visit his website for more information


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