Review of Ava Domini


We love having a chance to review young artists in the making. Our newest artist we found is 13-year-old Ava Domini from Orange County, California. With influences like Taylor Swift, The Beatles and Ed Sheeran – Ava has a soulful pop sound that also nods toward the country-style. So who is Ava Domini?

Ava’s entertainment journey started with print work when she was 9 months old and then led into acting when she filmed her first commercial at 4 years old for “Touchstone Energy.” Since then she has grown to really love the performing arts and 2011 marked the year music entered the picture when her mother overheard her playing “I’ll Stand By You” on a family member’s piano by ear. That was in December and by March 2012 she picked up a guitar at age 8 and hasn’t set it down since. Ava has many musical influences but her current favorites are The Beatles, Adele, Julia Michaels, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift.

Ava is constantly in the studio at The OC Hit Factory in Tustin, California (her home away from home) recording, taking vocal lessons and attending song writing camps where she writes a lot of her original music. She thoroughly enjoys writing on her own and collaborating with other young up and coming artists to create soul-filled original music.

At 13 years old, Ava has already experienced opportunities working in entertainment. She has been featured vocally on the TV show “South Park”, with Jennifer Morrison, modeled for Roxy, 686, played music at House Of Blues in LA, the OC Fairgrounds. Some of Ava’s soulful performances include the House Of Blues in LA, The Orange County Fairgrounds and her biggest performances yet have been at The Staples Center where she sang The National Anthem for the LA Lakers and Dodger Stadium for the LA Dodgers.

As a young singer-songwriter with a smooth acoustic vibe, her pop soulful sound makes her tunes catchy and unique, the kind of music that has you singing along with her in no time! You can find all of Ava’s music on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora & other streaming sites now!

We had the chance to listen to two of Ava’s songs, “Put me on the shelf” and “Tonight.” Ava sounds a little like Miley Cyrus during her “Hannah Montana” days and a blend of Adele and Lady Gaga with her tone and vocal styling but is very mature for her age. At only 13 years old she has a promising career ahead of her. We would love to see more live videos of her singing on her website (we had to go search YouTube for some.)

For her age, Ava is ahead of the game with her writing ability and vocals and we cant wait to see what the future holds for her!

To learn more about Ava, please visit her WEBSITE –


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