Houston Bernard Releases New Music!

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Houston Bernard Band Video Released new music January 26, 2019 with new single “Wait For It.” 
Their last 2 music videos were picked up for distribution to 30+ million homes:
The Country Network and The Heartland Network Air “We Made Out” and”Winter Wonderland” on Rotation
Boston, MA, 12/28, 2018 — The Houston Bernard Band, releasing their new music video “Wait for it” January 26th, 2019 at Loretta’s Last Call,  7pm with free apps, free merchandise for the first 50 people.
Their single “We Made Out” was picked up for rotation by The Country Network and The Heartland Network. These two
networks – with a reach of 30 million and 22 million homes respectively – represent exposure to well over
30 million homes in the United States beginning in September. It has reached other networks as far as
Norway and Australia since its release on July 27, 2018.
The new video, “Wait for it” video was written, directed and produced by Bernard, it is another feel-good love story, capturing in minutes the
spirit of a romantic heartland comedy and fun. It was filmed all at the North Star Farms in Norwell, Ma. It is backed by the song written for their new album. The video can be
“Wait for It” is a song on Bernard’s third record “Lucky Man” which was released July 27, 2018. This six-
song album features melodic tracks that project smooth, catchy melodies, rocking anthems and an
intimate touch of integrity along with surprising cultivation of original musicianship.
About the Houston Bernard Band
The Houston Bernard Band has shared bills with country superstars like Luke Bryan, Old Dominion,
Montgomery Gentry, Marshall Tucker Band, and Clint Black. Bernard, born into a family of country
musicians in Oklahoma, has assembled a group of musicians in New England that bring vitality and grit
to modern country. Their brand of original country music is fresh and hard-hitting. With a captivating
performance, Houston and his band can be seen throughout New England and beyond.
About “Lucky Man”
The songs behind Bernard’s latest EP “Lucky Man” were recorded and produced by Brian Charles of
Zippah Recording Studios and Geoff Nielsen. Houston and the other seasoned songwriters that were
involved with this release help create works of heart-wrenching honesty and appealing storylines,
allowing the band’s original music to distinguish itself in the country genre.
To learn more about the video and recent music releases visit
HoustonBernardBand.com and follow @HoustonBernardBand on Facebook and Instagram.

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